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Empowered living through intentional aging & graceful goodbyes.

Meet Us

At Transitional Wisdom, we provide collaborative, compassionate and practical guidance as you care for a loved one who is experiencing the challenges of age-related decline and loss.  


Through coaching, family consulting, and emotional estate planning, we help you and your family come together to make unified decisions, have empowered conversations, and release any unresolved family issues... so your loved one can age intentionally, maximize their independence, and complete their life peacefully.

The 3 Pillars of Transitional Wisdom
Happy Three Generation Family


"Caregiving carries within it an opportunity for inner healing, liberation, and transformation for the one being cared for and for the one who cares."

- Henri Nouwen

What People Are Saying


Jack Canfield, author, motivational speaker, & entrepreneur

“Transitional Wisdom gracefully delivers reassurance and guidance through the journey of aging and dying. Morning Star has a gift for delivering practical tips and insights- with such compassion, easing any anxiety or confusion in a time of transition.”

Ira Byock

Ira Byock, physician, author, & advocate for palliative care

“Transitional Wisdom is rich with sound counsel drawn from hard-earned life experience. Holmes’s guidance is at once insightful, powerful, practical and soulful. Transitional Wisdom and the companion Action Journal have the potential of touching countless peoples’ lives.”

Barnet Bain.jpg

Barnet Bain, filmmaker, author, & educator

"The message Morning Star Holmes delivers in her new book is for anyone looking for reassurance and guidance as they seek to make sense of aging and dying. Filled with love and practical insight, Transitional Wisdom is a must-read.”

Image by Edward Cisneros

Melia, past client

“Prior to going through the Family Care Planning process, I felt stuck and anxious about the situation my father was in. There was a pervading sense of "What are we going to do about dad?” The process helped me -- and I believe others -- actually think more fully about their place in the family and what they could do to help. We are now implementing our plan."

Image by Anthony Metcalfe

Julie, past client

“What an invaluable service you provide families who are struggling with how to help their senior loved ones in their later years. With your guidance and genuine care, our family has a cohesive plan, and action steps- a very well laid out roadmap if you will, to help navigate the next stage of my father-in-law's life. The sense of relief and empowerment you've instilled is immeasurable.”

Image by christian buehner

Michael, past client

"While everyone clearly cared about one another, nobody seemed to have the tools available to clearly communicate - and the wishes of the person being cared for kept getting missed due to the focus on logistics. This process was incredibly helpful - having outside facilitation got the entire family on track, talking about the things that mattered, and decisions that had been deferred for years were made within hours with buy-in from everyone involved.”

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