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We help families plan for aging and dying, so we free ourselves to live more fully. We work with individuals and their families as they navigate the aging process—whether healthy or ill—and the process of completing life. We also guide individuals, as well as the family unit as a whole, to complete unresolved issues and create a family care plan to support the aging and/or ill. End-of-life planning offers the opportunity to complete your life with dignity and leave a lasting imprint on those you love.

Morning Star Holmes

Morning Star Holmes is a professional transitional life coach, family consultant, and author with more than 25 years’ experience working with organizations to reach their full potential, and individuals and families facing age-related decline or life-threatening disease and life transitions. She holds a Human Services from the University of Oregon and an M.A. in Applied Behavioral Science, with an emphasis on Consulting and Coaching, from Bastyr University in Seattle. She is also a certified Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) trainer and consultant.

Her Soul Purpose is to work with families and their loved ones facing the challenges of decline and loss. She has developed a successful model that promotes compassionate support for the family team, increasing the quality of life for the loved one who is declining in health and assisting them in completing life with dignity.

Her books include Transitional Wisdom: A Guide to Healthy Aging & Completing Life with Dignity and the Transitional Wisdom Action Journal.

Michaela Holmes

Michaela Holmes joined Transitional Wisdom as the Director of Operations and Training in 2018, bringing more than 10 years of experience in business development, management, employee training programs, organizational development, and leadership. Michaela is passionate about supporting people to live their best life.


She holds a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Oregon and an M.S. in Organizational Change Management, with a certificate in Leadership and Change, from the New School for Public Engagement in 2013. She is a certified Master Practitioner in NLP and studying to become an End of Life Doula.

Michaela was raised on a farm in rural Oregon. Since then, she has lived in a number of different places, including Seattle, Austin, San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, and Langlois, Oregon. She now lives in Philadelphia with her partner, daughter, their dog, Lou, and cat, Piper.

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